New Year, New Plans

01 Jan 2019 | Rahul Sharma

Hello and Happy New Year! 2019 has officially begun and we all are super excited because we have some big plans for this year and some exciting stuff to announce.

Before we get started on that let’s reflect on how 2018 has been, and I think there is one image that perfectly sums it up.

This is fine.

Now don’t get me wrong, 2018 definitely had some memorable moments for us. We got this awesome new website, made some pretty cool progress on Demon Debug and now it looks and plays much better, and even started work on Super Skeleton Boy. However, there were also some moments that made 2018 a not-so-good year for us. For example, we had to cancel a project we were really excited to be working on, lost a few of our awesome team members (who have went on to bigger and better things and we are glad to see them succeed), didn’t make as much progress on Demon Debug as we wanted, and our social media updates were pretty abysmal to say the least.

Keeping all of this stuff in mind we have been thinking of ways that we can improve and develop Forgotten Pixel so that we can make 2019 a much greater year, and in this blog post we’ll be sharing as much of that with you as we can.

The first thing we’re doing in 2019 is focusing more on our social media strategy and marketing in general so we can provide more frequent, high quality updates and try to increase the reach of our games. To do this Fraser and I have been working on a new marketing plan (which we unfortunately can’t share) and a cool Trello board to easily share ideas for posts back and forth without sending 100 messages in Slack trying to finalise one post.

Another thing we’re doing to increase the reach of our games and try and get out updates more frequently is by utilising some new platforms. For example, over 2019 we’re going to be playing around with using Instagram stories to provide more updates on our games and share some secret stuff too, and we’re also starting a YouTube devlog series to share our progress in video format rather than as written blog posts (the first video for this will be coming over the next month) and we may even be planning a few livestreams here and there 😉.

One of the things you might have realised is that despite us being a games development studio, we have not released a game to this day. Don’t worry we’ve known that for a while now, but it’s definitely one of the things we are going to fix in 2019, and we have a pretty exciting release schedule planned for 2019. We have the Demon Debug Alpha which is one of our biggest priorities and we will 💯% be releasing it before the end of Q2 2019, we have Super Skeleton Boy which we are aiming to get released before Halloween 2019, and we also have a bunch of other games and demos scattered throughout 2019.

But wait, there’s more (kind of). We have some other more exciting plans for Forgotten Pixel over 2019, but they’re all business-related stuff so we can’t exactly mention it just yet. But as soon as any of those do happen we’ll be posting a new blog post and sharing it on our social media too, so be sure to stay tuned for that!

We hope you enjoyed this blog post, we’ll be trying to do a bit more of these kinds of posts where we make it more personal and share some of the stuff we’re working on behind the scenes throughout 2019. Thanks for reading and we hope you have an amazing year too!